Friday, December 08, 2006

The Urban Scooters

The steering-wheel of a motor car has the same effect on a modern, civilized Italian as the smell of blood has on the average tiger.

Rush hour traffic in Napoli has to be seen to be believed.
What they do not do in the way of cutting in, crazy cornering, acrobatic overtaking and unindicated, or even misleading changes of direction is not worth doing.
With this type of driving one would not survive five minutes in any other part of the world, simply because no one would be expecting such feats: but in Napoli every driver is expected to perform the physically impossible; every driver is expected to drive like a criminal lunatic let out on parole.
Thanks to God, for several reasons, easier parking, less wasting of fuel, faster driving, helping the Italian Piaggio and Ducati, imitating Valentino Rossi, the new fashion is driving a motorcycle.
The Urban scooter is the “Must Have”.
And I think this is one of the few passions foreigners should copy.
Electric Bikes
Gas Scooters
Motor Scooters
Is what you will see more and more in the big cities of this world.

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