Sunday, December 10, 2006

A computer freak

It can take a while to understand what a computer freak is, but you can learn to recognize one when you meet him.
To be a computer freak takes years and by the time he is that proficient in computing, his youth will have passed, his computer screen will be more important to him than anything else in the world and the opposite sex will remain a complete mystery for the rest of his life (although many don't learn how to program and can't make much sense of women either).

A computer freak usually eats in front of his screen and uses VoIP because in this way he can avoid leaving his computer for answering a telephone call.
A computer freak has an addiction for the Internet and would never go on Holydays in any place unless there is a broadband connection.
For a computer freak nature is his screensaver and relaxation is listening to the sound of the keystrokes.

A computer freak is all day long on the Internet and likes sites that talk about tests and reviews of all new products, like this cool site:
A site with reviews of consumer electronics

They provide links to the best websites with product reviews and product related news.
And of course they are called:

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