Wednesday, December 13, 2006


“Net Discrimination is discrimination based on origin, destination, type of content, contents of content, originating and/or destination application, et cetera. It is much worse when it is deliberate discrimination. Whether a government does it or a company.”

The Internet is but the mirror of our daily life.
If in China the government controls the real life WHY shouldn’t it try to control the virtual life?
And if Google wants to make money (and China IS BIG MONEY, with customers) why shouldn’t block the unwanted content in order to be able to BE there?
Economy follows profit rules, not morality.

“Discrimination occurs when one packet is given preference over another because of its origin/destination or the type of information it contains”

Providers lease their lines for money, not for glory.
And if one customer pays more than another, HE has the priority.

Will it change something to the man on the road?
Probably not.
He will be able to access the Internet the same.
May be he will have to pay to access certain sites.
But then, those sites will have less customers of course.
That is mostly the reason why many things are “Free” on the NET.
As long as the content given generates profits, either directly paid by the customer or by the advertiser.
I really do not think much will change.

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