Thursday, December 28, 2006

Internet: the land of the copywrongs

The other day somebody wrote to me:
"I like what you write, and found some nice statements I am going to copy, because I like them..."
"Go ahead" I said, and I meant it, I didn't care.
Also because it was something I in turn had copied from Eric Fromm.
Yes the Internet could be called as the "e-learning" Network.
I guess that guy never had and never would have read Eric Fromm.
I gave him a great chance...

Sometimes I read thinks I have the impression I read somewhere else.
Sometimes I have the impression the Internet is the place where ideas are exchanged and downloaded like movies or music.
No copyrights, just exchanging of culture.
Yes, the copywrongs can produce a much bigger revenue for the society than the classic copyrights.
With the second you made rich a few, with the first ideas create new ideas, and many new ideas create progress and progress is what man was born for...