Thursday, December 21, 2006

Being a pharmacist

I am a pharmacist and owned my own pharmacy for more than twenty years in a small town in Italy.
Unlikely many could think, it was a very rewarding job, at least for me.
Most of my affectionate customers were old people, people who needed more talking, communicating than drugs.
And they were welcome in my store, because I knew how to explain them everything about illnesses and drugs and life.
They wanted to know and to understand how and why, but the usual medical jargon was something completely abstruse for them and so I used very plain explanations.

The most spread disease was having a "high pressure" and in my pharmacy they could test it and talk about what was happening in their body.
The heart is like the pump in your heating system, I explained, if it works too much it is true, the system works perfectly, but you can expect it won't have a long life...
So is your body, if you want to get older (and everybody wants it) you have to keep your pressure under control and your heart not under stress.
But what I found out was that very often the side effects of the drugs, they were taking for lowering the blood pressure, were more noxious than the high pressure itself.
First, their effect didn't last for long, after a while they had to upgrade the doses, second, they had other symptoms that were worse than the ones caused by the high pressure.

Luckily there are drugs that are effective without side effects and those should be the first choice.
Because high pressure, once there, will never heal.
Once you have high pressure it will only go worse, unless you cure yourself.
That means you have to take drugs daily and for a long time.
Time enough to have side effects if you use the wrong drug.
Hyperestol reducing high blood pressure naturally.
that should be the choice.
Hyperestol has been clinically proven to be 99% effective in reducing the high blood pressure without any pharmaceutical drugs and avoid their harsh side-effects.

A pharmaceutical-grade product, Hyperestol was formulated using the latest nanotechnology to ensure effectiveness. Published clinical studies show remarkable results...complete Blood Pressure reduction after prolonged use.

What could I say more?
Follow your pharmacist suggestions...

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Anonymous said...

I recently moved from beta blockers to enalapril 10 mg and have begun to feel much better. Carido work is more effective and other signs of physical improvements are emerging. I found your review of Hyperestol interesting. I am an informed 54 year old, generally healthy and want to grow old with optimal health and a hand with as few pills as possible in it. I am working hard to be drug free but in the meantime, how would I go about incorporating Hyperestol in my regimen while taking enalapril?

thank you
Steve said...

Hi Steve,

I send you to my other brand new blog.
Ask your pharmacist

where I am going to post an answer to you.
Hope you will read it


Anonymous said...

Hello, My name is Holly and i am from chicago studying to be a pharmacist and also starting italian classes. My dream is to somehow move there and be a pharmacist there. Do you know anything about how i would come about it? Like transferring my classes over? Or do i just take a test? Please email me at Thank you! said...

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