Thursday, December 07, 2006

Global warming

"Do No Hurricanes Mean No Global Warming?
Of course we all know better than to reason that the dearth of Atlantic hurricanes in 2006 (despite predictions of an above average season) means that global warming ISN’T a problem. Right? I mean you can’t just take one year’s data in something as chaotic as climate and extrapolate a long term trend from it. Right?"

Tom Evslin

I do not dislike global warming...I live in a very cold place in the North of Italy and a few degrees more in winter make the difference.
Nevertheless I am concerned when they forecast such a catastrophic future, but I am not TOO concerned.
I am old enough I am sure I won't see it.

Nevertheless I agree that something must change, but it is not only our dependence on oil.
It is our lifestyle, the view we have about our comfortable life.
The fact they are looking for a cheap, available, replacement of oil won't bring us too far.
It is the saving of resources that is the key to a better future.
We have just partially realized that we ARE NOT the only ones living on this earth (Europe and America)and the amount of energy supply IS NOT enough for all.
Admitting that we can produce fuel from wheat, how will we feel thinking that a big part of the population of this world doesn't have enough to eat and we use food producing things we do not strictly need?
I do not say that the production must stop, I just say we should begin to think that our lifestyle has to be less consuming and more saving.
And I of course agree that we HAVE to move, and not wait as we did for many years...

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