Friday, December 29, 2006


As for new media, Lagadère said that “Our adaptation will not consist of making a systematic and mechanic transfer of our press to the Internet. That would be a mistake. Our advantage will remain in the richness of our content. We will not submit to the mutation of modes of consumption; on the other hand we will play a part in their evolution.”

They will.
Because there is one thing which is called progress and it happens either you want it or not.

It isn't as slow as some people would like and not enough fast as some other would.
But it always comes.

They will make portable screens that will look just like a newspaper or a book, where the written content will be there as long as the reader wants and needs it.
Everything is going to get virtual, because virtual means less space and less space is what we need in this overcrowded world.
Everything is going to be consumed and is going to disappear in a tiny memory somewhere where you can find it when you need it.
At least everything that can be virtual.

We better get used to the idea and like it if we want to survive...

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