Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Computer monitoring

How many things you can find out with a simple software?
Man's most wanted dream was always being able to read in the mind of people.
This goes very close to it...
This is called computer monitoring.

Imagine the brain as a television set, the mind as the picture, thoughts as programs transmitted from another source and a software intercepting them.
There you are.

What kind of power could a few well positioned strings give you...

You can see what your kids do on their computer when they think nobody looks after them.
You can have quite a surprise.

Or if you are a company's employer you can find out where your dearly paid 10 Megabits of bandwidth disappear, and why it takes three hours to do a job that would normally take one hour...
You could even record passwords and access what YOU SHOULDN'T later.

Well, if you dream to be close to God, this is the right road.

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