Sunday, December 31, 2006

Capodanno 2006

It has finally come.
The last day of the year.
One year is over, another one pressing to begin.
As all people who count generally do, I HAVE to write something about it.
I cannot just pretend it is a day like all the others, even if it actually IS.

My Blog is changing, first in size.
It is so big it takes hours to publish a new post.
I should delete some, if I could.
But I cannot throw away anything.
My yesterdays walk with me and I hope also my tomorrows will walk, at least for a little while more, with me.
And my blog is my past, my present and my future.
In a communication era, my blog is the way I choosed to communicate.

How effectively I do not know.
To communicate is our passion and our despair.
We just cannot not communicate.
Oterwise we would really just be one big isolated loneliness.

How would I define my blog? In which category?
When requested I have no answer.
I cannot find a category that fits what I write.
The only definition that came into my mind was: life.
Because life is what I write about.
My life, your life, somebody else's life.
I also write of death, but just as something in opposition to life.

If computers are digitalization of life, well my blog is the undigitalization of computers.
I want to see computers, telephones, TV, Internet as a part of our life, as tools to live everyday life, better or worse that is up to us.
They are just that: tools and not ourselves.
Behind every electronic device, every new discovery there is the human being and there will always be the human being.
This world will never be a computers' world.
It will be a men's world in which computers have their place.
I have written about the new slavery of progress, as a warning more than as a report.

I want to write about the freedom of man, about the challenge of living, about the most important questions I have always asked myself.

What is the mistery of life?
Part of the reality of our life is the fact that we do not know it.
We just live.
We live today that is the last day of the year, and we will live tomorrow that will be the first of the new year.
And we hope to live many tomorrows, as many as we can, as many as we will.

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