Saturday, December 23, 2006

Nobody versus "Somebody"

"As the online video world explodes with everything from amateur snippets to full-length features, new search engines are crawling, tagging and organizing the visual data.
The goal: To find the most relevant video, and not just any video.
Clearly, we're at a point when watching video online has become an intriguing, amusing and entertaining experience. When the first videos were streamed on the Web, it was painful to watch the 15 frames per second and the endless buffering. Today, it's less painful and certainly bearable.
By 2007, consumers won't just want bearable video, however. They'll want organized video. Heretofore, it's been about making video available and easy to watch. Tomorrow, it'll be about making it easy for people to find what they want amid the explosion of video content going online."

The Search engines will certainly be ready in a shorter time then the amateurish "producers".
One has to learn to cope with the lack of tools, the lack of actors, the lack of experience, the lack of hardware, the lack of all the basics that you need to produce a video.
The challenge is huge and people are not ready.
But sometimes enthusiasm and inventive can play a good role.
One hand, two false eyes and the appropriate speech can help to show what you want: that the unknown man on the road, the everyday guy can compete with the "bigs" and who knows? He can risk to win...

And payperpost can help.

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