Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Las Vegas

I have been in Las Vegas in 1967.
That's a long time ago.
I bet many of the people who write on the Internet today weren't even born at that time.
I came from a small town in Italy, I was 15 and I was simply astonished.
Italy was so small and dark and traditional.
All those lights and the Casinos and those huge buildings.
All those Slot machines and the huge amount of people playing and spending a river of dollars every night.

I have been there many times, and every time it looked better and bigger and shiner.
You are in Las Vegas and in Venice, in Paris, in Rome at the same time...

Well, if I had money to invest THAT would be the place I would buy an apartment or a villa.
First because of the business opportunity.
There is no other place in the world where you can be sure your investment will prove so highly profitable.
When all the other places in USA will suffer for lack of jobs, Las Vegas, in my opinion, will still be the place where you can sell or rent your property.
And when is it the best time to invest?
Probably when everybody thinks and writes it is NOT.
Because that IS the moment when you can get the best bargain.
And if you also can invest other people's money, do not risk that much don't you?
And Where to go?
Las Vegas new homes

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And if you are the lucky one who buys a house there, well it would be highly appreciated inviting me to see it...
It would be the best excuse to go back there...

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