Thursday, December 28, 2006


The Europeans are as hearting an example of the amalgamation of many cultures as I have ever seen; a glorious feat of uniting the worst of many worlds.
Europe has turned away from aggressive military chauvinism and has embraced substitute nationalism: economic glory.
And this would be good, if it didn't mean: economic Italian glory, economic French glory, economic German glory and so on.
It is still a war, fought without military weapons.

Old fashioned nationalism still survives in every nation, but a general common nationalism lives mostly in one issue: the AntiAmericanism.
The left, Socialists and Communists alike, want the Americans out and want to harm American interests.
But the extreme right too, wants the Americans out.
The post war era is over, Europe has now become an important economical power and an equal and trusted partner, and that is what Europe wants to be.