Friday, December 15, 2006

UK Residents

If you live in the UK you are a lucky person.
First because you live in a very nice region (and I can say it, because I lived three years in London) and second because you can pay less for insuring your car or house or your husband ( or wife ) if you want.
And if you are over 50, at least you can have something to be happy for, and that is the saving on your insurances.
For doing so, of course, you have to choose the one that most suits you.
As a matter of fact, not always the cheapest is the best.
If you need an insurance for your car you can compare all the best offers if you go to Car Insurance.
You can see, besides the cost, also how good and fast they are in paying the claims.
Which is very important.
How many times we PAY to find out later that there was that SMALL print we didn't bother to read and that says exactly that: you are not insured for this and that, and this and that is exactly what we would need to be insured for?
I would really like to know how most insurances know before, exactly what your claims will be, in order to exclude them in the contract you subscribe...

Another feature I like in an insurance is the fact that they do not ACTUALLY require tons of paperwork.
They ask you:” what happened?" and then :"here is the check".
That is what I call being friendly and helpful.

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