Sunday, December 24, 2006

Mobile Computing

Ned Porting offers a view on the future:

# Desktop computers at home will become obsolete
# Online services will be widely used for storing and processing personal data (like calendars & appointments, notepads, investments & paying bills, photo albums, sound & video collections, etc)
# Mobile devices capable of performing such tasks will become the new cell phones
# Only tasks that really need large storage or high processing speed will be carried on at regular computers
# And yet another step later, even accomodating computers onsite for such specific tasks will become unfeasible, and those tasks will be out-sourced to CPU-farms, dedicated servers/processors run by IT companies

My first monitor was a 15 inches, my second 17, now I am happy with a 21.
But I am far behind.
Many have huge screens which they use to look at movies and so.

Nobody would ever prefer a small cell phone screen to a big one.
It is like going back to a tape recorder when you own a HiFi.

The cell phone is very good for the purpose it was invented for: telephoning. Providing that it is not too expensive.
In fact, SMS are far more popular than telephone calls, for the only reason that they cost much less.

You can take pictures or movies with your cell phone, but if you want to have a good picture or a good movie you use the appropriate tool.
The future IS NOT a cell phone for Everything, even if that is what the Telcos would very much like.
I still believe that MOST of the people are not TOO STUPID...