Saturday, December 09, 2006

Dreams classifieds

I still remember a song of Peter, Paul and Mary.
It was Lemon tree.
I bet most of the people on the Net now never heard about it.
That was the first thing that came on my mind when I saw this Lemon Free Car Classifieds

But this website has nothing to do with it or with lemon.
It is a "dreams classifieds" website.
There you can find ALL the most dreamed cars, at very affordable prices, at least the best bargains.
I even saw a Bugatti for around $1000.
Not that I want a Bugatti, but I feel good knowing that IF I WANTED a Bugatti I COULD afford it.
And it is a beautiful car.
But if you are just looking for a normal, everyday VW GOLF

or you would like to own a Subaru Forester
it really pays to have a look there.
May be you can find out that you can afford it!
And it is very easy to find what you are looking for.
They have a search feature that WORKS, which not every website has...
Besides they also offer down the left hand side of the listing information about Fuel economy, crash test ratings that I think is very useful.
Sometimes you want a car, but you do not know much about it.
This is the case with me.
I usually buy a car for the look. Which is very stupid, I admit.
And later I find out I should have bought something else...
Well, what can I say more?
Christmas is a good moment to think about fulfilling dreams, isn't it?

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