Monday, December 11, 2006

Blog Money

What is Blog Money?

It is a nice way to make some cash having fun in the meantime.
"It is not important doing the job you like, but liking what you do".
I agree with it, because I consider myself a very lucky person.
I always liked to work, because I always liked what I was doing.
There is one thing I terribly hate in life: Getting bored.

That is why I like all what is new, all what is interesting, all what is a challenge.
I am Italian, I was born in Italy, my language is Italian, my mind frame is Italian, my whole life is Italian.
That is why I like to have a blog in English and WRITE in English and WRITE PPP POSTS.
Give me a subject and my mind begins to work, and I have to decide what to write and how to write. And that is the FUN.

If speaking was the first, writing was the second way of communicating. Much more effective, because it lasts more than the few minutes it takes to express yourself.
That is probably why there are billions of Blogs and I suspect more people writing than reading...

So, if you like to write, and you have something to say Why not trying to earn some blog money?

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