Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Saving ....

Most people save for what they call a "rainy day" I save for a "hot" day.
The day in which my kitchen first and my house later will go on fire.
Almost daily I burn something.
Mostly a nice pot.
I have arrived to the point where they give me discounts for "bulk" purchasing of pots.
They should invent the pot that doesn't burn and most of all that doesn't "pollute" the environment.

It is a real pity I do not live in USA and in this case in San Diego.
They should invent special "green cards" for forgetful housewifes.
For the ones who forget that fire usually burns and, depending on its duration, can burn a lot.

Well, they must have similar problems in California (and I am positively sure of that, because the son of my cousin burned the house answering his girlfriend's telephone call while he was making pop corns)and often too, because there is this San Diego Water Fire and Mold Removal.
Probably they also play with water, which can be dangerous the same.
At least there is somebody who can take care of their mischieves.

The most common services related to fire and water damage are water extraction, structural drying, general cleaning and deodorization, however, depending on the severity of the damage, these extended services may include such services as: specialty dry cleaning; electronics restoration; packing out, cleaning and storage of content items; art restoration; document restoration; or temporary living quarters and even reconstruction.

In the case of my cousin's son, the house burned in a few minutes, and the temperature was so high that even the silverware melted in a few seconds...
The only good thing is that I won't cry for the silverware...since I do not own any of it...

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