Thursday, December 14, 2006

In the "war of prices" the winner is the customer.

Why most companies now a days want people to save?
Of course because it is in THEIR interest.
It looks like one of the big businesses of today is proposing coupons to catch new customers.
That is why a Monopoly is never convenient for the customer.
Because without competition prices ARE higher.

Today we are at the "war of the best offer".
Especially around Christmas.
Once Christmas was the moment when you shouldn't have gone shopping.
Stores took advantage out of the fact that people were more willing to spend.
That hasn't changed, but now we easier see stores taking advantage of competitors.
With such a big opportunity to sell everybody wants to catch the biggest number of consumers.
In the "war of prices" the winner is the customer, providing that he knows where to buy.
So, what does the consumer have to do?
Of course looking for the best offer.
Now there are places like where they NOT ONLY offer Coupons, but even cash back. is the most aggressive and has several deals or cash back offers that are worth talking about. Their best offers are the Cingular Go Phone and the Prepaid T mobile phone for free. Neither phone requires a contract.
They also have many other cash back offers from sites such as and more.
So, now you know one place more to visit...

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