Monday, December 18, 2006

A comment that comments itself

Dangerbird said...
What a vacuous little thing you are.

That is exactly the point.

We start in life with the best perspectives, I should say we started, because now a days the young people are brought up to be less idealistic and more realistic.
To us they presented life and the world as it was not, they made us believe in democracy, justice, well doing.
They should have shown the world as it was.
A place where the strongs rule and the mass has to shut up.
Where money comes before everything, where if you are honest you are destined to lose.
They should have taught us to be "smarter" and less believers.
Do you know what I regret?
1) That I am not big enough to be corrupted
2) That I lost the chance to do what I would have liked to, in the name of honesty and right.
3) That I am too old to begin again.
You should live your life backward.
May be it would be exactly the same, but at least you would get more satisfaction out of life...
We HAVE NOT come a long way, we are as we started.

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