Friday, December 15, 2006

Virtual Reality

I am a multi millionaire.
Every day I am awarded a winning ticket for some new lottery.
Of course it is in the Virtual World.
I also find out everyday that I have a new bank account, I just have to fill in my details, password, username and so on.
I still haven't found out what my user name and password and so on are, but nevertheless you feel good knowing you have bank accounts all over the world.
Of course in the Virtual World.
I also have the chance to enlarge the penis I do not have (I'm a woman), but who knows?
This is the Virtual World and I could wake up some day and find out I need it...

What I really do not need is a Rolex Replica watch or a Microsoft cheap software.
I am so rich...
But, may be, someday, I could wake up and find out I am suddenly poor.
You never know, we are in the Virtual World...