Sunday, December 17, 2006

This year FREE and FUNNY greetings

We are almost there...I bet many of you still haven't thought to send Christmas greetings.
No worry, with the electronic mail there is no hurry.
You can send them at the last minute...
There are millions of websites offering free greetings cards, but if you are looking for something different, something funny, something that will make you remembered, you can find the top ten funny free Christmas cards.
Have a look a them and it is quite easy to write a small message, or just your signature, if you are too lazy...
Besides, Egreetings customers can receive a free 30-day trial to send unlimited eCards and a yearly eCards; most of the other cards on the site have the same type of funny, off-color, risqué humor.
Of course it's a much cheaper alternative to sending paper cards to everyone on your Christmas list and they are great for last-minute Christmas wishes.
Membership also allows users to schedule eCards to arrive on a specific date, so you can personalize a Christmas eCard now and schedule it to be sent out instantly or on Christmas Day.
Better, on the first days of the year, you should find a few minutes and schedule all you greetings for 2007 and then JUST FORGET about them...
You will be remembered and it will cost you just a few minutes, the few minutes you do not know how to spend...
Isn't that what they call : Being Organized?

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