Thursday, December 21, 2006

America's cornucopia

Americans' lifestyle will have to change and it will have to do so not for a self decision, but because it is overtimely right that it does so.
"the American cornucopia is becoming an emptier basket, with fewer fruits, less energy, and not many gold nuggets left in it."
The American cornucopia was full of fruits which didn't belong to it, energy that didn't belong to America and gold nuggets that have to be shared.
It is overtimely right that a little percentage of the world population stops consuming the highest percentage of energy, resources, richness of the world.
The rich have to get less rich and the poor less poor.
That is the meaning of the word Globalisation.
That is also the meaning of the word Justice and the meaning of the word Peace.

There is no peace without justice and peace comes only in one flavour: distribution of resources.
That is why the Americans ( and many Europeans) have to rethink their life.

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