Wednesday, December 06, 2006

What Mr. Berlusconi understood (and the others didn't)

When I was a child (around 5) my country was much different from what is now.
We were poorer and had not so many entertainments, so we balanced the lack of toys with the abundance of friends.
We were always looking for easy and profitable little jobs, like collecting mushrooms and selling them at competitive price (we sold a lot of tadpoles too)we stole my aunt's roses and sold them ( at that time there was still the good habit of the flower on the jacket).
However, one of the most profitable businesses was singing "Bandiera Rossa" (red flag) for an old pensioner.
He paid us 10 liras each and it was a good pay for a few minutes singing.
Of course, we did not know what we were singing, but the 10 liras balanced the lack of political enthusiasm.
What would happen today?
We probably would be paid 50 cents for singing "Forza Italia".
In addition, may be he would be sued for abusing of intellectual prostitution, more so because he used children under age...

All this for saying that Italians think they have changed. They did not.
It is just that after the crash of the Soviet Union songs like "Bandiera Rossa" are not fashionable anymore.
Italians have got richer and more sophisticated.
They go to see the football games more often and they see life like a big game.
There are the winners and the losers; the important is being on the side of the ones who win...

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