Sunday, December 31, 2006

Herr Grupp's company

There is a company in Germany whose manager (and owner) is Herr Grupp.
This company is extremely competitive and successful.
Mr. Grupp said once: I do not fear Chinese’s competition.
And he IS right, if there is someone to fear it’s him.

And what’s the secret? Very simple.
He is ALWAYS in his company, he personally knows any of his employees and they know that he knows.

I wouldn’t be surprise knowing that he uses the services of
What does do?
Very simple: they help your staff get to work on time
Herr Grupp understands that it is psychologically wrong to reprimanding employees for being late to work.
He avoids it just offering them a solution!
Snoozester's Corporate Wake Up Call Service enables the staff to schedule hotel-style one-time and repeating wake up calls online and then receive them on their phones anytime, anywhere; it's that simple. This unique service can help any organization stand out from the crowd as an employer of choice.

Snoozester's Corporate Wake Up Call Service is:

- Affordable

- Tailored to every need

And more than anything it is

- Easy to Use

because Snoozester’s Corporate Wake Up Call Service is built upon the same easy-to-use web-based interface as the popular consumer wake up call service. They designed this interface to be as intuitive and easy-to-use as possible. The participating employees simply follow the instructions in their invitation email to setup their accounts, add and verify their phone numbers, then can start scheduling wake up calls online and receiving them on their phones.
Besides it is quite cheap.
They charge you on the base of the number of user accounts you need. The minimum is 10 accounts. Each participating employee on your staff will have his/her own account. Generally, each account costs $12.00 / month and they don't set any limit on the number of wake up calls that each user can schedule. They also offer volume discounts for organizations that purchase a larger number of accounts.
And more… you can Request a free trial corporate account for your organization…

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