Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Letter to Santa Claus

The best of 2006 was the one written by the son of my friend Ludovica.
He wrote:

Dear Santa,

thank you very much for sending me as a Christmas present a brand new sister.
To be honest I would have preferred a new computer. I badly needed one, since mine was quite old and slow.
I understand that close to Christmas they got expensive, but, if you want, I can give you the address of a website where they give HP Coupon and you can have a good discount.
If you have a little bit of spare money, you could still add something for me.
In principle this year you just had one present for my family, while the next you will have two children to please (me AND Rossella).
You could eventually save next year also on hers (she will still be a little baby, AND little babies are happy with little).

Thank you very much, Best Regards

Yours truly


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