Saturday, December 16, 2006


I lived three years in London and I lived in a very nice zone and very nice house.
Because I didn't have to rent it, I ACTUALLY bought it.
Yes, in UK it is easier to get a loan than opening a bank account.
And in the end my choice proved to be a very smart one.
Because when I left London I sold the house at a very good price (since the new owner got a loan) and I didn't only save on the rent (because the amount of the monthly loan rate was cheaper than what I would have had to pay for the same house) but I even earned in reselling it...

The only expense I had was paying (500 pounds) somebody to look for the best loan opportunity.
But today I saw that there is a website where you can find all the opportunities and loan offers and can compare them.
For example you click on Home loans and you see all the available offers.
But if you do not want to buy a house, or you just need some cash, you can also go on personal loans and find also there all the information’s you need.
You can also have information’s about:
Debt consolidation loans
Mortgages, remortgages.
Car Loans
Business Loans
Student Loans

Well, the choice is just UP to YOU!

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