Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Internet Revolution

A revolution is something that mines the bases of a society, turns it upside down and creates new rules and new visions.
The Internet represents a fundamental and extensive force of change that will leave few areas of our lives unaffected.
The French revolution definitively didn't bring what if was fought for:
Liberte' Egalite' Fraternite'.
France is still far away from being a real free, equalitarian democracy.
What the French revolution undoubtedly brought was a big change of "Players".
The king, the oligarchic noble society lost their heads first and their power consequently.
The new, fresh, smart, progressive, middle class began to rule a new France with different laws and different, what we would call today, business models.
And that is exactly what the Internet revolution is doing, in a peaceful way of course, without the need of the guillotine, but not in a less painful way.
The "Dumb Companies" will leave the way to the "Smart individuals".
"In a world of dumb terminals and telephones, networks had to be smart.
But in a world of smart terminals, networks can be dumb."
"Bits go in one end and come out the other. Data flows – like water in a river".
Because the network is stupid, its providers cannot compete on features.
They have to compete on price, speed, availability and content.
The money is not any more in the Network.
Content is where the "smart people" come in and the "dumb companies" go out.
Today the biggest opportunity in Information Technology hangs on the fact that the capacity of the Internet and of a PC is going to be virtually unlimited.
That the hardware to produce content is getting so cheap that most of the people can have access to it.
Who is going to produce the next best movie?
Maybe an unknown boy, with little means but great brains.
Who is going to produce the best song on the Hit Parade?
May be an unknown group with little means and great ideas.
Even one single person with good software. You can have a full orchestra in your PC and direct it with your keyboard.
Who is going to be the next Bill Gates?
The train is already running, hurry up to jump in.

Patrizia from a World on IP