Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Nothing should be more important than your birthday.
It reminds you a very important day, so important that if it didn't exist, also YOU wouldn't exist.
And the older you get, the most important it gets.
Never mind if nobody considers you IMPORTANT, if you didn't make your billions or wrote some memorable stuff, or you did anything special: you are special to you and to the people who love you.
Those are the ones most affected by your existing.

So IT IS IMPORTANT to remember the date.
Saying happy birthday to someone it is something that warms your heart and the heart of the interested one.
How to remember it?
There is a place which will take care of it, so that, when the moments come that special somebody WILL receive a Birthday card from you, also if you FORGET.
America Greetings
offers you more:
1) Free Special Birthday cards
2) Explains you the Birthday tradition
3) This day History ( what happened on your Birth day)
4) Explains the Birthday Party and the Birthday cake, the Birthday Song and the Birthday card.

In hopes of making your next birthday celebration even more memorable read on... and don’t forget to make a wish!

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