Monday, December 04, 2006

A lesson from History

"The US invasion of Iraq and the unseating of Saddam Hussein certainly did unleash the hatreds and rivalries which were clearly already present. But either Iraq would have stayed forever in the controlling grip of a brutal (and certainly not bloodless tyranny) or this fight would have happened sooner or later. Muqtada al-Sadr may say that he is fighting American imperialism; his militias are killing their Sunni neighbors. The only reason he and his thugs didn’t do this previously is that they couldn’t."

Mr. Evslin, Latins used to have a way to deal with the World (of that time):


Divide and rule.
That has proved to be the best. And THEY had experience of WARS, believe me.
The best many times is doing nothing and waiting.
Sometimes problems solve by themselves.
May be Iran and Iraq would have destroyed each other sooner than expected.
While destroying one of the two lets the other free to behave (and of course against the third party, in this case USA).
This ia how I see the matter.
Whose fault is it?
May be the fault of the ones who didn't see in the future...(or in the past)

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