Monday, December 11, 2006

PPP Blog

Today I am going to talk about PayPerPost blog

A blog is like a newspaper, better, is THE NEWSPAPER of the future.
I give the paper news very little time.
The time to provide most of the people broadband (which is already the case).
Who will buy a traditional newspaper when he can have the traditional news online?
And it is also healthy for the environment.
Imagine all the paper saved and all the “garbaging” avoided…

When you begin a business you need to let the people know you exist and how you work and what you do.
This is a “company” blog.( or a BOSS blog)
Where ,whoever is interested in it, can go and have a look.
It is not only useful, it is essential.

But, what makes a blog different from a newspaper?
The posts must be short.
Being the fact that the reader is online and reads on a computer monitor, or simply wants to read as many blogs as possible.
Or just that today’s reader has changed a lot.
My father used to spend hours perusing the daily news, I look at the titles and read what I think it is interesting.
So the Title is 50%.
It must be catching, alluring, promising.
And once you have caught the audience, of course you shouldn’t delude them.
You must have a good beginning and a good ending too.
Well, that leaves small space to bad writing.
That is why it should be short too.

It also must be about what people expect to read.
They call it “interesting”
And one post I found very interesting was: PayPerPost and Search Engines.
PPP Bloggers WANT to know how search engines behave with commercial blogs.

Besides the Blog has more a “personal” feeling.
Being the fact that it is not written by professionals, doesn’t have the “Journalistic Jargon”, addresses to the reader as “one of us”, talks of “company’s events”, puts online pictures of the company’s members.
You could hardly find on a newspaper the photos of the company’s Christmas party.
I could go on for ages, but as I said: a post must be “SHORT”.

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