Monday, December 04, 2006

This is America...

November 27, 2006
Last week, I had one of those clarifying moments when the enormity of the American fiasco stirred my livers and lights again…
I've been saying for a long time that as our illusions dropped away, the US economy would fall on its face. I think the process is underway, especially with last week's movement of the dollar against the Euro. All the elements are now set for a full-throttle depression in which currency loses value while credit dries up and incomes are lost.
Clusterfuck Nation by Jim Kunstler

You got it partially wrong, Mr. Kunstler.
America IS NOT all what you see.
America is also something else.
USA is also the millions new entrepreneurs who got an idea and make it a success.
Because they are smart, but ,most of all, because they are backed.
How different Europe is!
In USA they ask you: what do you think you can do and how?
And if you are good in convincing them: here is the money…

Europe is old and Europe is dying.
Because the young people who could and would do something are not backed by anybody.
Here they ask: Who sent you? Who do you know? Where do you come from? What is your background?
And then: We will think about…
And while they think what could be successfully done today becomes a fiasco because is done the day after tomorrow…

What can I say more about those two videos you posted on youtube Payperpost?
I think the idea is great, because the future IS commercials on the Internet, because the Internet IS where people go (where buyers go) and commercials ALWAYS follow customers…
And also because it is a new type of commercials.
It is great because it is in the right moment, with the right people.

My special point of view is that IT IS WRONG that everybody wants to grow and become huge.
Our world does not need few huge giants; it needs millions of medium size entrepreneurs, because, if you have to sell, you also need buyers.
And if buyers are WITHOUT a job, without an income, you can have the best ideas of this world, but they will die for lack of consumers.

A big market, where people exchange, where everybody has something to sell and something to buy, THIS IS what would allow the greatest growth in our Economy…

HD content Here you can have a look at the two videos I am talking about.
Hope you will enjoy.
I would like a few Italians, especially a few of our so called "politicians" could have a look.
But I am too optimistic, it would certainly be for nothing, most of them do not even know english...

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