Sunday, December 31, 2006

The city of Trees

The name Boise comes from the French boisé (meaning "wooded").
The name was given after French-Canadian trappers first explored the area after crossing the arid desert plains.
Finding green trees at the site, primarily cottonwoods along the river, they named it “the city of trees”.
It is the capital and the most populous city of the State of Idaho.
If you look for a nice place to live, this should be included in your list.
And if you plan to invest your money in a nice home Boise mls could be your choice.
The place where you decide to live should guarantee a good quality of life, a nice weather and why not? The chance to buy a house at a good price being sure it will be a good investment since you would be moving to a growing area that is experiencing a housing boom.
The housing demands right now have outpaced the providers. Also, prepare for intense negotiations since this makes it a seller’s market!

In the Boise Homes Guide you can browse and look for the most convenient place to live and the house of your dreams.
You can look by city, by property type and by price.
Well, one thing is for sure, the choice is huge and you just CANNOT not find what you are looking for!

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